5 Lessons From Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey talks about the energy we put out into the universe returns back to us. It may not return in the same way we put it out there, but we reap in some way what we sow. Nipsey goes on to say, the key to making changes in our life is to “do your best to master your energy and what you put out.” Continue Reading →

To-Do – Doing – Done Board Will Help You FOCUS and Finish

To-Do – Doing – Done Board also known as Kanban board is an easy way to track what you need to Do, what your are currently Doing, and all the things that you have already Done. It’s a system for productivity and organizing that helps you finish small or big projects. Continue Reading →

Honoring The Ultimate Yogi Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

“We must use time creatively. Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal. The question is not whether … Continue Reading →

The Real Battlefield For Health

We live in a world that is begging for change.  We look at groups of people and point our finger blaming them for all that is wrong.  We sit on … Continue Reading →

Practicing Yoga In The Real World

When I first started doing yoga, I would push and prod my body into shapes that I had no business being in.  When I forced my body to look like … Continue Reading →

I Stand With Standing Rock

  Here we go again.  It is 2016 and some of the things “We the people” have been fighting for is redundant and ridiculous.  The crazy thing about it is … Continue Reading →

Kickass Breakfast Bowl

I overheard a conversation about this breakfast bowl that gives you all the the nutrients needed to ROCKSTAR your morning, so as I was ease-dropping, I was also typing away in my … Continue Reading →

Thousand Miles vs Two Million Steps All Start The Same Way, One Step At A Time

I don’t care how big, hairy, and audacious the goal is, it will never be big enough.  Once we accomplish one, we want another, and another, and another, but that is … Continue Reading →


I am currently a vegetarian, with the aspirations of becoming a vegan.  What better way to learn how to make that transition than to hangout at VegFest in Cleveland, OH.  For … Continue Reading →

How Many Push-ups Should You Be Able To Do?

How many push-ups should you be able to do? Female (based on the modified push-up) 20 to 29 should be able to perform 17 to 33 30 to 39 should be able … Continue Reading →