I Stand With Standing Rock

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Here we go again.  It is 2016 and some of the things “We the people” have been fighting for is redundant and ridiculous.  The crazy thing about it is the scenario never changes, greedy people being greedy.  When it comes to the Indian reservation the proud Dakota and Lakota people of Standing Rock are standing up, and as well they should.

Considering the history of oil, why haven’t we learned our lesson?  They will tell you this pipeline is all about progress, but if we are honest,  it is really about profit?  If it was truly about progress, we’d invest our money into other forms of safer and cleaner energy.  If it was about jobs, wouldn’t it be a much wiser investment to invest in infrastructure, airports, and railways?  Progress is code for agenda.  I’m going to tell you what I want you to believe, not the truth because the truth might put you on the opposite side of our agenda.

I stand with the Dakota and Lakota people.  It is their land, and it is sacred to them.  Why should they be made to bow down to greedy people with the agenda of profit only?  Why should they be asked to drink the water that has a pipeline running through it?  Why should profit take priority over people in any circumstance?

Water is not a commodity, it is a sacred gift.  We take this resource for granted and don’t appreciate all that it does for us.  Without it, we could not survive, so instead of gambling with the life blood of the earth and the people, we should appreciate that WATER IS LIFE.


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