I am currently a vegetarian, with the aspirations of becoming a vegan.  What better way to learn how to make that transition than to hangout at VegFest in Cleveland, OH.  For those who are not aware VegFest, it is an educational and charitable event with the purposes of promoting a vegan lifestyle by informing the public about the healthy, sustainable, and compassionate benefits of plant-based eating and living free from animal exploitation.


The day kicked off for me in a large ballroom with the likes of Dr. Caldwell B Esselstyn MD.  You may remember him from the highly acclaimed documentary Forks Over Knives as the doctor who promoted a plant based diet as a means to healing and vitality.  After being wowed by his speech, I decided to grab a lean green vegan smoothie from the Heilo Terra VegFest Cafe.  There was a long line at Heilo, and people of all walks of life, vibing out to the tunes of the Vegan Troubadour Show, and acoustic guitar player that played to a rhythm of his own, but with a sound we all seem to enjoy.  The energy was electric, and the people were very open to the experience.  Vending table after table of health food, and compassionate information about how the environment is counting on our decisions to make improvements for the sake of the planet.

During the day I was also able to watch two movies:  Forks Over Knives and Peaceable Kingdom.  The movie Peaceable Kingdom almost had me in tears, but  it also reminded me why I began this adventure in the first place, so that I may live more compassionately in this world, and lighten my own harmful footprint.

Later in the day, I was able to see a food demo by Holistic Health Guru Mikia New Bey.  He gave food recipes that I am excited to try on my own, especially the Go Green Curry Potato Soup.  Celebrity Trainer John Pierre uniquely answering the question, how can we include fitness in our daily life.  Last but not least, was the icing on the cake, Ultra Iron Man Rick Roll  He spoke about his adventures as an alcoholic to becoming an one of Men’s Fitness Magazine Top 25 Fittest Men.

I walked away from VegFest inspired, and intrigued to see what this event will mean for my life, and those who attended.  I’m more encouraged, more curious then I have ever been about my health, and how I can help others be more receptive to growing in mind, body and in spirit.



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