Beat The Heat: Five Tips For Working Out In The Heat

Summertime is here, and nobody wants to do the same ol’workout they’ve been doing all of the other season.  We want to switch up from our normal routine, and enjoy … Continue Reading →


Breakfast Bowl

I overheard a conversation about this breakfast bowl that gives you all the the nutrients needed to ROCKSTAR your morning, so as I was ease-dropping, I was also typing away in my … Continue Reading →


Thousand Miles vs Two Million Steps All Start The Same Way, One Step At A Time

I don’t care how big, hairy, and audacious the goal is, it will never be big enough.  Once we accomplish one, we want another, and another, and another, but that is … Continue Reading →


5 Tips To Grill Veggies On Father’s Day!

I’m not sure if you’re friends are like mine, or if you’re like my friends, but they are all meat eaters.  On holiday’s like Father’s Day, we often get together and … Continue Reading →


VegFest 2016

I am currently a vegetarian, with the aspirations of becoming a vegan.  What better way to learn how to make that transition than to hangout at VegFest in Cleveland, OH.  For … Continue Reading →


How Many Push-ups Should You Be Able To Do?

How many push-ups should you be able to do? Female (based on the modified push-up) 20 to 29 should be able to perform 17 to 33 30 to 39 should be able … Continue Reading →

3 bears goldielocks

Effort and Ease – Just Right

I don’t mean to put Goldilocks on blast, but you have to admit that she is pretty bold.  I understand completely being hungry, needing to get off my feet, and … Continue Reading →

man holding match

Authentic Self – Omfit BottOM Line #2

Step into the fire of self-discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not.  —  Mooji We are a combination of all the things … Continue Reading →


Yoga’s 5 Limbs of Voting

I know what you’re thinking.  “What the hell does yoga have to do with voting?”  The only good answer is it depends.  If your practice is purely physical, it would have … Continue Reading →

meatless arnold

At Least On Meatless Monday – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Can’t give up meat altogether, try just for a day.  Around the world Monday has been a call for action to go meatless for 24 hours.  Even the famed muscle … Continue Reading →