The Real Battlefield For Health

fight the powerWe live in a world that is begging for change.  We look at groups of people and point our finger blaming them for all that is wrong.  We sit on the sidelines while others are fueling the fire or running into the flames that so desperately need to be put out.  We continue about our business as if what is happening doesn’t affect us.

Indeed much of the change we would like to see will take time or a miracle, but there are places that we can begin to see immediate change, but it requires individuals to rock the boat.  I’m not speaking of rocking the boat on issues of social change, this one is much more personal.  Instead of pointing the figure at all the things we can’t change, and the people we have no control over, why don’t we take the opportunity to change the person we deal with every day, ourselves.

We can try to influence other, but the only person we can change is the man in the mirror.  Taking charge of what we do on a daily basis is the revolution.  Our power is generated by taking control of the things that we can change, like our health.  Considering what we are up against the fight won’t be easy.  We are exposed to as many as 5,000 pieces of advertisement per day entering our brains trying to infect our decisions.

There is a bright side, the power to change is in our hand.  Those who change themselves will become a part of the collective movement.  The more folks who join the revolution, the more our world will change.  It can’t be left up to anyone else, because no one can control your life, so rather it is walking the dog daily, visiting our doctor, eating health, it all counts in the revolution of us.  Make a change, take a stand, Fight the Power!



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