Fab Five Playlist Week #2

One of my favorite things to do is to discover new music. I am a Hip-Hop head at heart, but I can’t always find Hip-Hop music that moves me, so I’m not going to focus on just Hip-Hop. Every week I will be sharing five songs that I am adding to my personal playlist. I get it, music isn’t the same as the music you may have grew up on. You may feel searching for new gems is a waste of time, or there is no good music out there. I’ve taken on the challenge of finding good music for you. Every week I will add music for your workout, yoga, and personal playlist. In the meantime check out this week’s Fab Five:

Esperanza Spalding – Ponta De Areia

If you don’t know about the phenomenal Esperanza Spalding, here is your chance to get to know here. I’m not really sure how to describe her other than a bassist who in my is eclectic. She plays everything from Hip-Hop to classical jazz. Got to love some Ms. Spalding.

Rapper Big Pooh – Losin’ My Religion

Rapper Big Pooh dropped two EPs in 2021. The other half of Little Brother Big Pooh carries the tone of a battle rapper, as he finesses the smooth boom-bap beat of Losin’ My Religion.

This is my life/ Ain’t no need for lying in my raps/ plenty stories to my story hard enough to handle that. – Rapper Big Pooh

We can all relate to Losin’ My Religion. In many ways, the world is designed for the wealthy. Whether it’s a record company or working at Walmart for low wages we can relate to knowing the system is tilted. At least until we start to tilt the system in our direction. I believe the Rapper Big Pooh is reflecting on opportunities missed. Big Pooh was a famous rapper driving Uber.

Cautious Clay – Dying in the Subtlety

New to me artist. I enjoy soulful music, and Cautious Clay definitely offers that on Dying in the Subtlety.

Wande – Blessed Up Remix ft Lacrae & Mike Todd

Take a praise break and check out Wande’s Blessed Up.

Buddy – Black 2

Last but not least from this weeks Fab Five is Buddy. I feel like if South Central had a voice it would be either D Smoke or Buddy. Black 2 isn’t quite, Say It Loud! I’m Black And I’m Proud James Brown, but I get it. Folks love the culture we call blackness, but nobody really wants to live the life of a black person.

Everyone want to be black, but don’t nobody want to be a Ni@@a. – Buddy

Thanks for checking out the Fab Five. Have you recently found a gem? Tell me about it. Maybe it will be included in the next Fab Five.

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